The Donor Motivation Program

At Cadeau we’ve spent decades helping charities and donors to align their thinking. When a wealth holder feels empowered to give, they give substantially and with great satisfaction.

A satisfied donor is one who encourages others to follow suit, sharing their enthusiasm with friends and fellow donors.

Many charities have experienced lackluster results from donor seminars. Even though donors learn about the substantial tax savings inherent to planned giving, they don’t act.

As human beings, we act when motivated. A particular emotion must be stimulated - a heart string tugged at - in order to flip the action light switch in our brains.

This is where the Donor Motivation Program offers a different result. Real world examples and simple truths. The light bulb goes on and everyone wins.

Let us show you the ‘light switches’ that can help your organization achieve its fullest potential.

How it Works

The Donor Motivation Program™ is a 12-month working agreement customized for your nonprofit organization.

The engagement includes…

  • The Successful Seminar System™*
  • Up to four Donor Motivation presentations
  • Donor Information Kit for each attendee

*The Successful Seminar System™ is a proven method for the planning, execution and follow-up of a successful donor motivation seminar. Every step of the process and the tools to make it happen are provided in a single comprehensive DMP Binder that includes printable Invitation, Reminder Postcards (2), Evaluation and Interest Card samples and templates for all printed material on CD. The system is designed for maximum results with minimal effort from your staff.

The typical program includes four Donor Motivation Presentations scheduled throughout the program year. Presentations are hosted by the nonprofit organization and presented by Cadeau, LLC. A highly effective multi-media presentation, the program is fast moving, visually stimulating, and filled with real life examples explained in layman’s language with minimal financial jargon.

At Cadeau we help America’s finest charities secure their financial future by systematically growing endowments through a proactive planned giving program. The Donor Motivation Program™ introduces donors to the benefits of including charity in their planning through planned giving and motivates them to take action. This program has been utilized by nonprofits across the United States for over thirteen years with impressive results.

For a complimentary Planned Giving Tool Assessment, please contact us.

Cadeau DMP Clients

Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Catholic Charities of St. Louis
Humane Society Maryville University
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate St. Francis Medical Center
Missouri Botanical Garden
Habitat for Humanity
KETC channel 9