As managing partner of Cadeau, LLC, Chris serves the wealth community as a continuing education instructor to CPAs, attorneys and CFPs. As a nationally known financial educator and speaker, Chris has conducted over 200 presentations across the country.

Past appearances include the Senior Market Expo, various Round Tables and educational panels, and presentations to numerous nonprofit organizations. He has been featured as a financial subject matter expert on Catholic Radio WRYT 1080 AM in St. Louis.

Chris is a member of the Legacy Wealth Coach Network, Advisors in Philanthropy, St. Louis Planned Giving Council, InKnowVision, Midas Managers, Sunbridge Legacy Builder Network, The Art Succession Advisory Council and is an Ambassador for The Ultimate Gift.

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For planned giving/development officers and nonprofit organizations, Cadeau is a qualified and charitable-minded catalyst for motivating individual donors to meet community needs while achieving their charitable goals.

The Donor Motivation Program™ is a series of presentation services to educate and inform potential donors to view their wealth as a conduit for leaving a legacy based on ‘fingerprints’ of their life values. Cadeau’s donor motivation team speaks with authority on the impact of philanthropy using insightful examples based on the knowledge and experiences of well-known authors, industrialist and wealthy families from America’s past.

Using layman’s language and illustrated concepts, donors can easily understand how taxes paid under the U.S. Tax Code can be redirected as voluntary social capital instead of as involuntary taxes, and how supporting charity during one’s lifetime leaves not only a legacy, but wealth to future generations.

How the Donor Motivation Program™ works.

For more on Cadeau’s experience and qualifications, read Chris Jacob’s biography.

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