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Our Story

Where Life Meets Wealth

Cadeau was founded by Chris Jacob in 2005 with the goal of helping high-net worth individuals and families with their unique financial needs. As a result of reading the book The On-Purpose Person by Kevin W. McCarthy more than 30 years ago, Chris was inspired to determine his purpose in life. He believes he has a purpose to serve others by cultivating financial freedom. Armed with this purpose and combined with his passion and natural inclination for finance, he entered the financial services industry in 1984 as an independent broker.

Today, Cadeau continues as an independent firm, whose financial professionals guide affluent clients through the wealth accumulation, protection, and preservation stages of life. By employing proprietary methodology, we aim to help families discern, communicate, and plan what they intend to their wealth to accomplish; ranging from an independent retirement to a lasting legacy and/or charitable gifting.

Life is a series of expected and unexpected events. While we cannot control these events, we can minimize the economic consequences these events may have on our lives. We are committed to providing the tools to enable you to identify and quantify the potential threats caused by unexpected events. We deliver strategies designed to minimize the losses caused by these events. We also strive to offer strategies for making money more efficient so that clients may fulfill their obligations and seize financial opportunities as they arise.