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Services for Charities

We work with major philanthropic organizations throughout St. Louis to help them better connect with donors. Our unique planning methodology allows donors and charities to communicate on common ground, increasing the donors level of satisfaction with the giving process.

Our goal is to align charities with donors and provide more frequent opportunities for the kind of meaningful face-to-face conversations that both parties enjoy.

We present wealth holders with accessible options for avoiding the default method of planning. They are assisted by us in taking steps to help regain control over the allocation of their social capital, and gain peace of mind in knowing that steps have been taken designed to help mitigate the possibility of IRS seizure and control the excess capital through taxation at death as can happen when these matters are not handled properly.

From our extensive work with charities and St. Louis wealth holders, we have an intimate awareness of the challenges that non-profits face in meeting their planned giving and capital campaign goals. We offer a solution that may be unlike any you’ve been exposed to previously.

Contact us to learn more about how we can work with your charitable organization.